Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paigie's Party

Paige had her 6th birthday party on the Saturday before Christmas.  We had Arts & Scraps come and do some art projects with the kids and it was a huge hit!  

Arts & Scraps is basically a recycling center.  They collect scrap material from business that can be used to make art projects -- sticky stuff, fabric, beads, stuffing, plastic lids...and so on.  They came to our house, set up some tables, led the kids through two crazy crafts and then took each kid 'shopping' in their Scrapmobile before they went home.  

It was the perfect party for Paige.  She got to spend the whole time making crazy art projects out of random crazy bits of fabric and sticky stuff.  She could have done it all day long.  She was extra thrilled when Mrs. I (the leader) let us keep all of the extra crafting material that was left over at the end of the party.

Happy Birthday, Delicious!

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