Monday, December 15, 2008

Because I Like Them

I've been torturing the kids by taking their pictures every day -- sometimes several times a day -- trying to snap the perfect group photo for our holiday card.  I finally got my shot (you'll have to wait for your cared to see it).  

They are only all three together very early in the morning and then after school and the sun has been setting so early lately that my time is very limited.  They were very good sports. 

Here is one that I really liked but didn't make the cut.  

Here is one that I thought was really funny.  They were ready for the bus and I made them stand by the door for a few shots while we waited.  This is the shot I took right when they saw the bus drive by.

Also, here's one of Nate that I just think it cute.  Hey ... it's my blog!  I can post as many pictures as I want!

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