Friday, January 23, 2009

Give Me "The Businessman"

If you've known us for very long you know that Nate has had his share of mohawks and crazy haircuts in his life -- mixed in with regular-boy hairdos along the way.  My guy Mr. Steven cuts Nate's hair and whenever I take Nate in for a cut I always say, "Do what you want, but please don't make him look like a little businessman."  

This last visit, however, I told him to cut it all off.  My poor boy has been too shaggy for too long.  I don't know what to do and I'm feeling quite sure he's outgrown the 'hawk and the shaggy is too shaggy.  We're going to have to make him look businesslike.

Mr. Steven was so funny that when the whole deal was done he started to make Nate's hair all spikey but then stopped himself and slicked it all down and combed it to the side.  He told Nate he was going to give him "The Businessman."  

Nate loved this idea so very much that now he begs me to give him The Businessman!  If I try to do anything else he'll say, "This isn't 'me', Mom.  You need to give me 'The Businessman'"

For school the other day he even put on a shirt and tie!! 


Paige went to a birthday party the other day and came home with a bag of goo.  We've made plenty of goo in our day but we never used it to make bubbles like this!

Hie Ya!

Nate was surprised to receive a few trophies in his karate class the other day.  

He got one for his steady improvement and another for perfect attendance.  

He's very very very excited!  

I thought that his excitement for karate was wearing thin but these trophies have given him new zest for the sport!  He's all about the glory, man!  All he needs is a small, plastic, golden statue tossed his way once or twice a year and he'll keep a-kickin'!

Something's Fishy

Paige loves fishy food.  Not just any fishy food.  Not regular-people fishy food, but crazy-people fishy food.  She begs be for sardines and anchovies.  She loves sushi (but, so do we!).  She will gobble up a plate of eel like no one you've ever met.

When Poppy comes to visit he always brings her a can or two of something to try and she never fails to impress us with her ability to devour it all!

Here she is with something fishy and canned.  Happy as a little clam (she likes those, too).

Happy Belated New Year!

It's still January so I can still wish you a happy new year without sounding insane, right? 

We celebrated the new year with our friends, the Brinkmanns, here at home.  The kids made their own pizzas and we had lots of other tasty treats for dinner.  

Later, we let the kids battle it out on the Wii until their little thumbs could battle no more.  Super Smash Brothers is a super big hit in this house!

Finally, we toasted a fond farewell to 2008 and a great big hello to 2009.

Before they left, Mr. Matt taught our kids how to walk on the ceiling.  The ceiling-walking was a highlight for sure!  My people are still talking about it!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sam Johnson Gets Fancy

I bought the kids a box of Brain Noodles yesterday.  
They are basically overgrown pipe cleaners.  
Giant, soft, really big, pipe cleaners.  

Everyone is having fun making stuff, 
but the one who benefited the most was Sam Johnson!

But, perhaps 'benefited' is a matter of opinion!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sam Johnson

I know!  I know!  I haven't posted the rest of my holiday pictures.  I'm a slacker.  What else is new?  Be patient.  I'll do it sooner or later.  I also haven't sent out half of my Christmas cards!  They are written and in envelopes with names but no addresses.  They've been like this since the week of Paige's birthday.  I've been in something of a holding pattern ever since.  I'm thinking that I might still get them out.  Why not?

Anyway, this post is not about the holidays OR my slackerhood.  It's about Paige.  Crazy Paige.

Two things you might like to know:

1)  Paige loves her winter coat.  She almost never takes it off.  It's dirty.  The sleeves have paint and all kinds of stuff on them because she wears that coat like the rest of us wear a t-shirt.  I'm so used to it that sometimes we'll be home for a few hours before I realize she still has it on and then I have to beg her to take it off.  What can I say but 'thanks' to Hanna Andersson?

2)  I took Paige shopping for a gift for a party she's going to on Saturday.  Instead of a gift for her friend, she bought herself a nice fat cat.  She named him Sam Johnson.  She calls him "My fat tabby cat Sam Johnson" or sometimes she just calls him "Mr. Johnson."  I don't know why.  

Oh ... Mr. Johnson is also, apparently, gay.  Sarah asked if Sam Johnson has a girlfriend.  Paige said, "Nope.  He's a big fat tabby cat and he has a boyfriend.  Not a girlfriend."

That's my girl.

Paige, her coat, and Sam Johnson eating dinner
The End