Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sarah's Horse Show

Sarah had a horse show today.

She rode Sport. He's her current favorite horse.

She had a shaky start (think: grumpy horse and teary-eyed girl) but she sucked it up and rocked the house.

To our delight, she earned herself a FIRST PLACE ribbon and trophy!
(This is her third ... if you're counting.)

Congratulations, my lady!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bionicle Man

My boy loves the Bionicles.

He's a Bionicle-building wizard.

No instructions necessary.

He just dumps out the pieces and, somehow, knows exactly what to do.

I love that boy.

Five Point Five

We celebrated Nate's half-birthday.
He's very proud to officially be FIVE AND A HALF.

Red Rover

We finally had some nice weather.

The backyard kids gathered together to celebrate ... and to play Red Rover.

That's Sarah breaking through the chain.

Happy Spring!

Save the Crocus

Every year we grow a few crocus flowers in our front yard.

Every year a bunny hops up and eats those little flowers before we even get to enjoy them.

This year, Paige saw the first crocus and decided to defend it from the bunnies.

Here's her handiwork.

More Cooking Pictures

Sarah and I made Cheese Straws.

They were easy to make and they taste just like Cheese Its.

We put hot pepper in ours ... it was a mistake because the kids liked them better without.

Next time no peppers. Promise.

Almost Oreos!

I found a recipe for homemade Oreo cookies.
Cute, aren't they???

Baker, Baker, Candlestick Maker

I have been baking bread. Delicious bread. From scratch.

If you want to bake delicious bread you should check out this book:

It's great!

Here's some of my handiwork .......