Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clever Paige ... at it Again

On Halloween while all of the other kids were eating their candy, Paige was gluing hers together to make beautiful necklaces and crazy sculptures.

On Christmas morning, she scurried away with her bag of chocolate coins and sat in the kitchen.  We kind of assumed she was eating them.  Silly us.

She's making a tower...

Proud of her balancing act...

She destroyed her tower to make some chocolate sculptures....

There's a bird, a fish, and a monster....

And, here, you see the monster is about to eat the bird. 
The End.

Beauty is Pain

Grammie was sick of looking at my kids' crazy hair.  She snuck up and pounced on my unsuspecting babies with a big bad hairbrush and made them very sad.  Bad Grammie!

Busy People

We spent the rest of Christmas morning in something of a spastic flash of racing from one gift to the next.  Mostly, the girls wanted to open every crafty thing they could and Nate wanted to play video games.  

Hey wait!  That's just like every day in our house ... only this time there was so much more loot than usual!

Christmas Aftermath

Ho Ho Ho!

We had a very nice Christmas this year -- as usual.  Grammie and Poppy were here with us and we celebrated in grand style.  The kids put out some treats for Santa and his reindeer, we opened ornaments on Christmas Eve, and then went to bed for a restless night of anticipation!

The jolly fella did, in fact, make a stop at our house.  He treated us well.  The little people were happy.  The big people were happy.  It was a nice day.

Paige Gorman, MD

Poppy and Paige were playing.  Poppy was sick.  At least, Paige suspected he might be.  So, she took some skin samples, disappeared into the bathroom, and reappeared with these pieces of carefully folded tape:

She told Poppy that they'd have to wait a few days for the cultures to grow and then she'd be able to tell him what was wrong with him.

Another Map

We are watching Sukee while my parents visit Liz and Jamie.  Paige wanted Sukee to get on Riley's pillow but Suk wouldn't go there on her own.  

Paige's solution?  She made her a map, of course!

Happy Gormukkah!

For the newbies in town I'll fill you in on my little people's favorite holiday of the season -- GORMUKKAH!

We invented Gormukkah several years ago after having a particularly confusing Christmas morning.  The kids (I am not sure how many of them were around at the time) opened their Santa gifts and then the gifts that had been mailed in from our out-of-town family members (EVERYONE!  We are here alone.) when I realized that I'd lost track of who had sent which gift and I started feeling very guilty because I would not be able to thank anyone without feeling foolish.  "Um, Grandma, thanks for sending the great ... um ... gift.  Sarah really liked it ... er them? ... uh ... Thanks."  

So, from that year on, we decided to collect the non-Santa gifts under our tree and then let the kids open them one gift per night for about a week or so before Christmas.  And so, Gormukkah was born.  It's been a fantastic hit in our house!  The kids love it.  I think that our gift senders should love it as well because their gift gets lots of attention and doesn't get lost in the muck of Christmas morning.

This year, both girls had to write a note for school about their favorite family tradition.  They both chose Gormukkah.  I think it's sweet that they love our holiday ... but I hope that their friends and teachers don't think we are insane for celebrating a made-up holiday.  I saw Sarah's hanging front and center in the hallway between all the other Christmas Eve caroling and Thanksgiving turkey letters.

We had an accelerated Gormukkah this year.  I usually choose the first day of Gormukkah based on the amount of gifts under our tree.  This year, we only had a couple of gifts so I waited until Monday to start -- only to have three boxes of gifts arrive on Monday and Tuesday!  So, we had double Gormukkah days.  My people were thrilled.  We let them open gifts in the morning and evening.  They loved it.

Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate another wonderful Gormukkah!!