Monday, December 1, 2008

My Moons

I named my blog "Little Moons" because I tend to think of the kids as my own personal moons.  They are constantly orbiting around me.  They rarely leave my side.  

I miss them when they are not circling around my legs.  I do occasionally wish they'd go orbit around some other mommy for a while and let me walk, eat, think, read, and sleep in peace but, the truth is, when they are not there I miss them.  

They belong with me.  I've been grocery shopping alone when I had to walk in front of someone and I've said, "excuse us" -- as if I were traveling with my imaginary friend.  

When I am alone in my car (Mondays and Fridays between 9:00 and 1:00) I look in the rearview mirror and find myself having brief panic attacks thinking that I left someone somewhere -- that I forgot Sarah at the bank or Paige at the gas station.  

It snowed a thick heavy snow yesterday.  Today, as I was out driving around, the layer of snow on the roof of my car came loose just as I was coming to a stop at a red light.  The whole clump came sliding down onto my windshield in one big wet sheet.  You know the first thing that I thought of?  'I really wish Nate was here to see this.  He would think it was so cool!'  So, I picked him up from school and I told him about my big clump of snow and he cheered and pumped his little hands in the air the way he does and he said, "That is so cool, mom!"

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