Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Will We All Die After December?

My little man has a song that he learned in school last year.  
It is of the months of the year.  
He sings it quite often.  

Some time ago he was singing it when he suddenly asked me "What will happen after December?"  Then, without hesitation, he followed up his question by asking, "Do we all die after December?"  

I thought about this question for a minute.  It made sense in a way.  I suppose. That's the end of the song. It's the end of the list.  Why wouldn't it be the end. Period.  

He was very matter of fact about his question.  
It didn't seem to bother him at all.  

I explained that, no, we would not die.  As a matter of fact, the months just start over again and then we will start a new year.  

I THOUGHT that he was satisfied with my response.  
Until today.  

Today we were walking around the girls' school and he was obviously thinking about the months again.  This time he was pretty confident that he figured it out.  

He asked, "Mom?  Will the months stop after I die?"  

Again, I said no.  I basically told him that the months would keep going for all of the rest of the people who were still alive.  I told him that the rest of us would need those months.  

He thought about this for a minute and then he perked up and said, "Oh, yeah! Like for the NEW little people!  Uncle Chris and Aunt Lori will need the months when they have more babies!"  

And I said "Yes.  Yes, Nate.  This is exactly why the months will keep going.  So that Chris and Lori can keep having babies."  

And with that our conversation ended and he was happy.

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