Monday, September 15, 2008

Shark VX3 -- Call Now!

The other morning Paige woke me up very early to tell me that I had to call some number about a vacuum cleaner.  She told me that she found the perfect vacuum cleaner for me and handed me a small piece of paper with the numbers "1-8-00" written on it.  

In my hazy sleepiness I looked at her and said, "Paigie, I need seven more numbers.  Go get me seven more numbers and then I can call." and I rolled back over.  

I remember thinking that the kids were playing a game of some sort.  They are always playing house or making up games.  Me?  I just wanted ten more minutes of sleep.  

She came back a few minutes later and said that I had to come right away and that she couldn't write fast enough.  I was so confused.  I followed her.  Turns out she was watching an infomercial about a vacuum cleaner and she was convinced that I had to have it.  

She was especially impressed by the fact that it could pick up nuts and bolts...and Cheerios.  I sat with her and watched.  All of us watched.  Me, Frank, Grammie, Sarah, Paige, and Nate.  A whole big infomercial cheering section.  We watched the energetic man vacuum up all sorts of things and we watched an equally energetic woman cheer him on.  The better show to watch was the kids.  They loved this stuff.  Paige especially.  She REALLY wanted me to buy one.  

When the show was finally over and they listed the price -- four easy installments of $24.99 -- the kids practically cheered.  Only $24.99!  What a great deal!  I had to explain the "four easy installments" part of the commercial and then we all talked about how cool the vacuum was but how we weren't going to buy one.  And ... that was that.  

UNTIL yesterday when I was shopping with Grammie and I saw one on a shelf in a real live store.  Grammie and I laughed so hard we almost cried.  We wondered if we should buy one.  Was it ridiculous to buy a $50 (in the store it was cheaper than on TV & we had a coupon) vacuum just so that we could make a 5 year old girl laugh?  Guess what?  I did it.  To me, it was worth it.  I was so excited standing in line to buy my vacuum.  Grammie and I took turns trying to guess what Paige's reaction would be when she came home and saw the box in our living room.  It was very exciting.  

We put the box on the table and we waited for her to come home.  It was fun. She was very excited.  No one could believe that we actually found it in a store. She couldn't believe that it was the same one that she showed me.  I think she felt very proud of herself for discovering such a great tool.  Today we got to test it out and it actually works (thank goodness!) and the kids had fun trying it out.  

I'm thinking of handing over the vacuuming duties to them from now on.........

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