Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's the First Day of School ... For Sarah

This year, my people start school on three different days.  

Sarah starts Second Grade on Tuesday.  
Paige starts Kindergarten on Wednesday.  
Nate starts Junior Kindergarten on Thursday.  

It works out well for me because everyone gets their own special day and I don't have to do too much running around to try and be present at each "first".

Today was Sarah's first day of second grade.  SECOND GRADE!  Oy.
My lady is getting big.

She picked out her own outfit and had her new backpack all ready to go.

Nate had to chase her down to get his smooches before she hopped on the bus.

I was unhappy with my before-school photo shoot so I made them all pose for an after school special.  It didn't go any better!  Oh well. This is how I like my pictures ... real life.

Happy first day, Sarah!

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