Sunday, September 14, 2008

Little Trouble Maker!


The other day Nate and Luca were playing outside while I was playing inside.  
(Read: NOT watching them.)  

They were playing on our swing set in the backyard as they often do and I was trying to get some paperwork done for my Girl Scout troop.  

I just happened to walk through my kitchen at the exact same time that Luca's dad was storming across my yard with an angry look in his eye.  He was headed straight for the boys.

I went outside to find out what all the commotion was about when I noticed a big wad of what I thought was mud in Luca's hand and both boys covered in dirt.  Then I saw the swing set.  Almost every surface was covered with thick clumps of mud.  The swings ... the cargo net ... the rock wall ... the slide ... the deck ... everything.  

Then ... it happened.  They said it.  They confessed.  
It was not just mud.  
It was DOG POOP!  

DOG POOP!!!!!!!

DOG POOP!!!!!!!

Man were they in trouble!  Pablo and I yelled.  We hollered.  We scooped up our poop and mud covered boys (well, actually, I kind of gingerly picked mine up by any clean spot I could find) and then carried them away (mine was at arms length) to throw them in the tub.

I tossed Nate in the tub with as much bubble bath as I would find.  I scrubbed him down with my favorite tangerine sugar scrub and followed it up with a loofah soap scrub.  (He is softer than ever!)  

While he was in there I kept asking him why.  Why would he do this?  What would make him think to pick up poop?  What would make him think that this was a good idea?  Was it his idea or was he following someone else's idea?  

Honestly, I wasn't sure if I preferred him to be the mastermind or the weak-minded follower in this case.

He said that they were setting a trap.  They wanted Sarah to come over and sit on the poopy swing.  They thought it would be funny.  That was it.  It was simple and disgusting.  I could get him to confess to nothing else.  Mostly, he tried to tell me that it was Paige's idea.

As his punishment, we took away a small pile of his favorite toys and sent him to bed as soon as he was out of the tub.  We also told him that he had to help clean the swing set and that he could not get his toys back until the job was done.  He was devastated.

Mother Nature lent a hand with the final part of his punishment -- it rained for about 24 hours following the great poop fight.

The photo above is of Nate in my rain boots.  I wanted to wear them while we cleaned the swing set.  He got to them first.  

I think you can tell how upset I was about the swing set by the sheer lack of photo evidence.  I didn't take a single photo of the event.  It never even crossed my mind.  All I have is this one smiley Nate photo that hardly reflects the drama of the original day.  So sad.

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