Monday, September 1, 2008

Food, Glorious Food!

We celebrated Frank's birthday this weekend.  We had lots of random little festivities planned for him.  Kid-sized festivities.  We took him to see Star Wars Clone Wars.  We had gifts wrapped and stashed in various locations around the house.  The kids all picked out cards (we LOVE the singing Hallmark cards around here).  And I decided to cook for Mr. Frank (I know, I know ... I can hear a collective *gasp* from around the globe).  

I pulled some manly recipes off the web and decided to shower my man with manly sandwiches and other manly meals all weekend long.  

The first manly sandwich of the weekend was my own version of a McMuffin.  I thought it was great.  He took one bite and the gooey egg insides squirted out onto his pants.  I'm not so sure he thought it was as fantastic as I though it was.  

Next, the girls and I made some yummy looking cheesy muffins (not so manly, but they sounded delicious).  I forgot they were in the oven and they ended up being a little bit crunchier than I think they were supposed to be.  (Sorry, Chief.)  

(I stole this picture and the recipe from

For lunch I made a super manly spicy chicken sandwich with bacon and pepper jack cheese on a deli roll.  This one worked out well.  We ate our sandwiches with smiles on our faces.  Frankie had seconds.  (Whew.)  

(Again, recipe and photo courtesy of

For lunch on Sunday I made my second manly sandwich.  It was from a recipe titled "Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich".  You can't get much more manly than that, right?  This was a steak and onion-y sandwich on a toasted roll and it was good and messy.  

We weren't sure how to eat it!  I decided to go after it caveman-style while Frank actually tried for a more civilized I-think-I'll-try-a-fork approach.  I liked this sandwich.  (I had some of the leftovers for my lunch today.)  Frank, I think, liked it too.  He's not one to pretend to like something just to make me happy ... he said it was good but that it would have been better with some cheese.  (I tried that today -- he was right.)  

(Once more, photo and recipe from

Now, Sunday night dinner was my big dish.  I made a lasagna, salad, broccoli, and something called "Mystery Rolls".  The lasagna recipe came from a website with another irresistible title (something extra super catchy like "Best Ever Lasagna") AND a story about how this lasagna has been known to make men propose and fall in love and blah blah blah.  I had to try it.  

I cooked all day long.  (Can you imagine what my kitchen looked like by now?)  Anyway, our meal was finally done, we called Frank to dinner and I told him that he better start looking for flights to Vegas because he's going to want to re-propose after he eats this fantastic dinner I just made him.  So we start eating and after a minute or so he looked over at me and he told me that he would very certainly take me to Vegas but that he very certainly did NOT love my lasagna! Ohhhh ....  I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.  I told you that he doesn't lie to me.  I warned you.  

We spent the rest of our dinner trying to re-write the recipe.  We tried to figure out what it was that was the offensive ingredient (or ingredients).  Who knows?  All I know is that, in the end, I'm lucky because 1) Frank's birthday is only once a year, 2) I never have to make that lasagna again, and 3) I may still get to go to Vegas!  

I guess it's back to weekends full of take out food for us.  

(I took this picture - this is the ACTUAL offensive lasagna!)

PS.  All of my manly recipes came from this website:
Check it out.  It's a cool site.

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