Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Paige's First Day of Kindergarten

Paige started kindergarten today.  She was very 'Paige' about it (as we like to say around here).  She's a cool kid.  Cool as in calm, cool, collected.  She's cool.

Paige is going to afternoon kindergarten.  She does not ride the bus with Sarah in the morning.  Instead, she catches a kindergarten bus after lunch.  She is the only kid at our stop and the bus stops right at our house.  I think that she loves the idea of this.  It actually makes her giggle when we talk about it.  Today we sat in our front yard while we waited for the bus and she spent her time rolling down the "hill" and collecting up fresh grass stains for her first day.

Before we knew it the bus was here.  She just hopped on as if she has been riding the bus forever.  I barely even got to take her picture.  Nate and I had to be quick, though, because we had to meet her at school for orientation!  We jumped in our car and basically followed her to school.

Once we were there we got to visit Paige's classroom together for a short while before they kicked the parents out for another meeting.

Shortly before the end of the day we were all shocked when there was an unplanned fire alarm.  We had to evacuate the building and stand in a field while the fire department came to check the building!  It was quite an exciting end to a fun first day for my lady.

I'm so happy to report that we are two for three on excellent first days.  
Nate's is tomorrow...
Cross your fingers!

Happy first day, Paigie!

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