Thursday, September 4, 2008

Smiley Cookies

After I crashed my bike my mom sent me a dozed Smiley Cookies to cheer me up.  

They arrived in twelve dozen pieces!  

We ate them anyway.  

As an apology, Eat 'N Park (Home of the Smiley Cookie) sent me a brand new set of un-broken cookies!  

Much to the delight of my sugar-crazy little man, the new cookies arrived today.  

He asked me why we got the cookies.  I told him that Grammie and Poppy sent them to me to make me feel better about my broken arm.  

A few minutes later he reminded me about how he fell yesterday and hurt his arm and wanted to know if his arm was hurt enough for him to be included in the list of people who were going to be allowed to eat the cookies.  

I shared my cookies.

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