Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy Fairy

Paige lost yet another tooth.  This is her sixth tooth!  
She is going to be SO ready for Halloween this year.

In our house the Tooth Fairy has a habit of forgetting to leave presents.  
She is a little bit forgetful.

The girls have decided that this is not a result of laziness on the part of the Tooth Fairy. Instead, they believe that it is a result of the fact that no one in my house stays in the same bed for very long on any given night.  

It is true that we travel a lot during the night.  This could certainly cause a fairy some confusion, right?

The solution has been to leave notes everywhere to guide the good Fairy to our lost teeth.

Grammie helped Paige write her notes this time.  We left one note on Paige's bedroom door and another one on my bedroom door.  

It worked.  In the morning Paigie's tooth was gone and she had a brand new book and a couple of dollars waiting for her in her bedroom!  What an exciting find!

Thanks for your help, Grammie.

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