Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rules by Paige

A few months ago in a Girl Scout meeting we talked about setting ground rules. We came up with a list of rules that we will follow in our meetings. (Some examples: One person talks at a time. No stealing snacks from your neighbor. Keep your hands to yourself.)

Paigie loved this idea. She came home and posted a list of rules on her bedroom wall. I finally got around to taking a picture. I'll write a translation below ... she wrote it all by herself and the spelling isn't always obvious..........

1. No running.
2. No messing up the house.
3. No torturing the cats. (I love 'churchuring')
4. No taking stuff off the walls.
5. No turning lights. (off, I guess)
6. No taking stuff when you're not supposed to. (aspsto = supposed to)
That's the rules.

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