Sunday, January 17, 2010

C Day Update....

We made it through C Day with only a few mishaps....

1. Nate corrected me early in the day when he found me CHATTING with the mommies at the bus stop. I had a difficult time removing this particular C from the lineup!

2. While we didn't have a problem avoiding Chicken, Cheese, and Chips, we had a very impossible time avoiding CHEWING.

3. When time ran out on having take-out for dinner we bent the rules a bit and BOILED noodles (rather than ... say ... COOKING them).

Otherwise, we'd like to declare our very first C Day a blazing success!!

Since C Day I frequently find myself trying to discourage my people from having another Letter Day.
It comes up at least once a day ...
"Momma? What if we picked a W Day??"
I try my best to change the subject and run the other way!

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