Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nate's 6th Birthday!!

Nate turned SIX this week.  It was an exciting day, for sure.

I don't think he's been more excited for a birthday, yet.  It's difficult to believe ... he's been pretty excited for certain birthdays to arrive (Think: "Now can I have my Buzz Lightyear birthday cake?" and "I'm Gustus and I want to live at Nate's house."  ... but this was a BIG day for my boy.

He wanted a Nintendo DS.  Everyone knows this.  Also, I've been telling him for TWO YEARS that I will not buy him one.  I told him nine quadrillion times that I won't buy one because he'll want to play it 32 hours a day and, as a result, I'll miss him.  I felt quite confident that my video game-crazy boy would forever be sucked into his DS.  And, for two years, he has sworn that he will, in fact, still talk to me.  I will not lose him to the video game gods.

He was sure sure sure that I would not buy one.  He was basically pinning all of his hopes on my parents ... even though I told him that they wouldn't buy it either.  He was scheming to the point of obsession.  He would talk about it the instant he woke up each day and talk about it with his last bit of energy each night.  He talked about it with his friends.  He had even planned to immediately rip up any receipts that Grammie might send with the DS she was sure to send him.  He was a crazy, obsessed, plotting maniac.

It will come as no surprise that we did, in fact, buy the poor kid a DS.  
He had NO CLUE that it was coming.  

He was one happy happy boy.  Very happy.

He was also thrilled to get DS games from Paige, Grammie & Poppy, and Cheeky & Jamie's crew and a gift certificate from Matthew, Joey & Juila.  (Thanks, everyone!!!!!!)

Sarah gave him a penguin Pillow Pet (the only other thing he asked for).

Also, he got a really cool (and popular/noisy) voice changer AND a whole sheet of fake mustaches from Uncle Chris, Aunt Lori, and Henry.  I plan to write a whole extra entry about those mustaches!!  They are the surprise hit of the week!

It was a great birthday.  For sure.

Nate's special dinner request??
His favorite food, of course ...
Ramen Noodles.
(Lucky us.)

They stayed up late huddled around that DS.
It hypnotized them.  I'm sure of it.
(But it gave me a chance to use my new tripod.)

He went to sleep wearing the "Party Boy" mustache
and listening to his singing birthday cards.

Happy Birthday, Nate!!!

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