Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Day of School

I can't believe I never posted 1st day of school pictures!  What was I thinking???

Here they are ... in all their glory ...

Sarah is going to 4th grade:

Paige is going to 2nd grade:

Nate is going to 1st grade:

Everyone is happy!

Here's the 4th grade crew (all of the 4th graders at our bus stop):

Here's the 1st grade crew:

Here's the HUGE 2nd grade crew:

And here are some random before and after school pictures:

Papa, Paparazzi!


My people at the end of a successful First Day!
This is actually a 2nd day picture ... but
Paige's new backpack didn't arrive until
5 minutes after the bus left on Day One.
Here she is modeling her new 'pack.  Cute, eh?

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