Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mustachio Man

As I mentioned in his birthday post, Aunt Lori & Uncle Chris sent Nate a sheet of mustaches for his birthday.

He loves them.

There were twelve mustaches on the page.  Six styles.  They have names like "The Scoundrel" and "The Party Boy" and Nate has been wearing them all.

He wore "The Party Boy" on his birthday and fell asleep in it.  I found it curled up in a little ball and stuck to his comforter in the morning.

He switched to "The Scoundrel" after school the next day and wore it while he played his DS.

Later, he switched to a different one for dinner.

Today, while I was out, he wore yet another one.  I know this because, when I got back, Paige was on the front porch in her bare feet in the rain.  I asked her what she was doing.  She said, "Nate stuck his mustache on a tree and then it rained and now I'm going out to find it again."

I bet your kid never stored his fake mustache in a tree during a rain storm.

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