Thursday, February 5, 2009

Escape from the Deep Freeze

It's been a long long cold snowy winter here in Michigan.  For sure.  The kids had a few days off of school and we had itchy suitcases.  We had to go somewhere!  We chose Arizona to visit Uncle chris, Aunt Lori, and Baby Henry.

We stayed for only five days but we did a bunch of fun stuff and enjoyed our visit.  The kids loved the warm weather (so did the grown-ups) and we took them to quite a few parks, on a horseback riding trip (two of them for Sarah), to the Crosanti bell factory, and to the children's museum.  

I took 598 photos while we were there.  I've whittled down the pack to my favorite 79.  You can see them all here: Arizona Photos 2009.

If you are not interested in seeing eighty photos of the Gormans on vacation, here are just a few highlights:

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