Friday, February 13, 2009

Science Fair

Last week was the North Hill Elementary School Science Fair.  Sarah was super gung-ho to do something -- she knew exactly what she wanted to do from the moment I mentioned the fair to her.  She wanted to make stains and wash them out.  Basically, we tested laundry detergents.

We invited Paige to help, but she was not interested.  The conversation was something like this...

Me:  Paige, do you want to help cut out these cards?
Paige:  No.
Me:  Paige, do you want to help Sarah glue things to her board?
Paige:  No.
(hours later)
Me:  Paige, if you don't help Sarah with this project I can not put your name on it.  It's not fair for Sarah to do all the work and for you to get your name on it.  I'm going to take your name off of the project. 
Paige: Okay.

End of conversation.

Sarah, on the other hand was so excited to work on her project that, after I told her that it would take all day to do it, she woke me up at 6 AM to get started!  She didn't want to waste a minute.  I wanted to waste a few minutes ... at least the minutes between, say, 6AM and 10AM!  

Here's my lady and her project.  She was convinced that hers would be the most popular with the mommies.  I think she was right.

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