Friday, January 23, 2009

Give Me "The Businessman"

If you've known us for very long you know that Nate has had his share of mohawks and crazy haircuts in his life -- mixed in with regular-boy hairdos along the way.  My guy Mr. Steven cuts Nate's hair and whenever I take Nate in for a cut I always say, "Do what you want, but please don't make him look like a little businessman."  

This last visit, however, I told him to cut it all off.  My poor boy has been too shaggy for too long.  I don't know what to do and I'm feeling quite sure he's outgrown the 'hawk and the shaggy is too shaggy.  We're going to have to make him look businesslike.

Mr. Steven was so funny that when the whole deal was done he started to make Nate's hair all spikey but then stopped himself and slicked it all down and combed it to the side.  He told Nate he was going to give him "The Businessman."  

Nate loved this idea so very much that now he begs me to give him The Businessman!  If I try to do anything else he'll say, "This isn't 'me', Mom.  You need to give me 'The Businessman'"

For school the other day he even put on a shirt and tie!! 

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