Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Paige-a!

For Christmas this year we bought a Flip video camera.  Actually, we bought TWO!  I bought one and later found out that Frank bought one also.  Great minds and all....

It's an adorable little thing and you might expect that its teeny tiny cuteness would inspire me to make a few videos, but you'd be wrong.  I rarely remember that the thing is here.  I like it, but I'm more attached to my Nikon!

Frank, on the other hand, is all about the videos.  He is the one who remembers to dump the videos onto the computer.  He's the one making DVDs for the kids to watch.  He's the guy.

I actually did make a few videos recently and today is the day that I'm finally going to figure out how to post them to my blog.  Lucky you.  

This is a video of Paige showing me a puppet that she made.  She makes reference to an old video of her telling me that she loves Pink Food.  You can see a bunch of our old old videos here!  


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