Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sarah Wishes for Iggy

Sarah's back in horse camp this week.  Tomorrow they will have a little horse show to celebrate the end of the week.  She has been crossing her fingers that she will get to ride a horse named Iggy in the show.  

To be clear, she isn't just wishing for any random horse who just happens to be named Iggy. There really is a horse named Iggy and she loves him and her every thought is filled with wishes to be assigned Iggy as her show horse.

This morning she came to me and told me that she could barely sleep last night because she is so anxious to find out the horse assignments.  Then she went on to tell me that she dreamed about Iggy.  I love this part .....

Sarah dreamed that her trainers laid out stars in the shape of the constellations on the ground and then she got to ride on Iggy all around the constellations.

Isn't that sweet??

PS.  I just picked her up from camp and she DID get assigned Iggy.  Tomorrow will be a very good day.

PPS.  That's not Iggy in the picture.  I'll take his picture tomorrow.

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