Friday, August 7, 2009

Our First Shiner

Nate fell at the pool and now he has an impressive looking black eye.

The story is not that simple.  In reality, we were swimming, he was annoying his sister, he wouldn't stop, we called him out for a time out, he was cold, I wrapped him up sausage-style in his towel, he argued with us about sitting for his time out, I started counting (which, for some reason always makes my kids hop to), he turned to go sit down, tripped, fell, couldn't get his hands out to break his fall and landed flat on this face.

Bad mommy.

He was still wearing his goggles -- luckily -- and they took most of the punishment, but his poor little eye was instantly swollen and a bit bloody.  I cleaned him up with promises of much more impressive wounds in the morning.

For the next few days I annoyed him with a daily photo shoot.  We have to document the wound, don't we?  

Today, six days later, he's looking less wounded.  This is probably the first day that it is getting better rather than worse.  He says that his eye feels funny and that he has to "blink gently" but I think he'll be fine in no time.

He does, however, blame me for my faulty blanketing.  He said that if he would have had his hands out he would have been able to do a front break fall and, therefore, save his face.  I think he might be right, but I also think that the goggles saved the day.  I'm quite positive that his face would be crashed up if he didn't have them on.

That's my story; that's my problem.

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