Sunday, August 30, 2009

San Diego ... Meet the Gormans!

We went to San Diego for our final summer vacation.

Honestly, the kids were excited for it but ... Frank and I were ... well ... a little burned out on vacations!  Seriously.  You might not think it's possible, but we were a little bit less than enthusiastic for this final vacation.

Lucky for us, beautiful San Diego changed our minds.  Within 48 hours of landing we were happy and relaxed and having a great vacation. 

We had a busy trip.  Uncle Chris, Aunt Lori, and Baby Henry came to visit us from Scottsdale.  Mr. Joe came to see us from L.A.  We went to Legoland.  We went to the aquarium.  We visited Aunt Joan in Dana Point.  We made s'mores on the beach.  And we, of course, spent all of our free time on the beach and at the pool.  

It ended up being lots of fun ... all the way until the flight home when some horrible family sat behind us and coughed relentlessly on our backs.  Frank, Sarah and Nate sat in front of the Typhoid Mary Family and they all ended up sick within 24 hours of landing.  

Poor poor Frankie spent this whole week knocked up with a terrible flu (swine, perhaps?) and Sarah and Nate are fighting off some nasty colds.  Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

You can see our vacation pictures if you CLICK HERE.  This link will take you to the first page (of 6 San Diego pages).  Feel free to click around to see the rest.

Happy day!

Happy day!

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