Sunday, November 23, 2008

Batter Blaster ... Yum

When I was shopping at the Whole Foods market recently I saw a crazy thing on the shelf.  It was called the "Batter Blaster".  It looked like a can of whipped cream but it was a can of pancake mix.  It was not cheap.  I think it cost $5.00 for the can.  Maybe $6.  I thought it was ridiculous but I also thought that it was something that the kids would think was very funny.  (Do you notice a trend at all of me buying things because I think it will make my kids laugh?  See here.)  I, of course, bought it.

Anyway, I got to the checkout lane and the checker girl got all excited that I was buying this silly thing.  She said that they had an employee taste test and that this thing made delicious pancakes.  I wasn't so sure.

I got home and tried it.  We loved it!  It really does make tasty pancakes!  AND, as a bonus, you can make all kinds of shapes and letters.  You can draw whatever you want (within reason, of course.  It IS pancake batter, you know.).   It also makes delicious waffles.

I have since bought two more Batter Blasters.  It is so simple and yummy.  And I'm extra happy to report that we do not have to pay the super-high Whole Foods prices any more.  I found a 3-pack at Costco for only $10!  Woo Hoo!

So now, my friends, go forth and make yourselves some tasty organic squeezy star-shaped pancakes anytime you want.  For an extra tasty treat, have them with some Trader Joe's Wild Maine Blueberry Fruit Sauce!  Yummy!

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