Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swim Away From the Poop!

We have tadpoles.  You can read about them in an earlier post.  

Tadpoles, of course, need to have their tank cleaned occasionally.  Basically, the trick is to mix some of the old water with new fresh water and to get rid of all of the mucky-muck from the bottom of the tank.  It's easier than it sounds.  Our tadpoles do not like to come out of their tank.  They prefer to hang out in the murk at the bottom of their dirty tank rather than swim in the clean freshness of the new water.  

Paige was watching me trying and failing to dump the little critters from one vessel to another.  I was trying to be careful -- I wanted to dump some of the water water and all of the tadpoles but none of the muck into the clean tank.

Her solution?  She drew them a map.  She showed up beside me with this picture and yelled into the tank, 

She's quite clever, my girl.

(That little face is Paige yelling at the tadpoles.)

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