Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven New Pets For Us!

The kids and I were playing at our friend's house the other day.  Ms. Deb and I were happily ignoring our children as they played outside ... until we realized that the silence had been going on too long.  

You know the feeling, moms.  When the peaceful silence becomes alarming.  When you realize that the kids just might not be getting along as well as you suspect and that they might be getting into something?  When they might be sneaking into forbidden places or coloring on your walls or ... worse.  

Well, we started our hunt.  Deb and I.  She took the front yard.  I took the back.  

I found them first.  They were all there -- in the neighbor's back yard.  In the POND catching tadpoles with nets and buckets.  They were thrilled.  I'm not sure how the tadpoles felt.  I didn't ask them.   

I still can't believe how many tadpoles were in that tiny pond!  Every scoop of the net brought up at least ten tiny creatures.  It was amazing!

We made the kids put the little guys back.  Most of them.  I've always wanted the kids to have some tadpoles.  I always thought it would be cool to grow our own frogs.  I let the kids keep a small bowl of them.  We put the rest back.  

We took the little bucket back to Ms. Deb's house and divided the take evenly between households.  Each family got to keep seven tadpoles.  We still have ours.  It's been almost three weeks since we brought them home and they are all doing well.  Hopefully, we'll be good parents and soon we'll have a family of happy frogs.

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