Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art Boy 2.0

Nate is not interested in art projects.

The girls have ALWAYS loved art projects.

When Nate brings home anything art-related from school it is an unfinished, monochromatic, abstract piece of work.

When the girls bring home an art project it is a piece of wonder ... something they put thought and effort and time into.

On Friday when we had "Culture Day" Nate was the least thrilled with the idea of going to the Art Museum. However, I was supremely surprised when he whipped out his sketch book and started trying to draw what he saw.

I was even more surprised when we got home and he pulled out the crayons and coloring pages and actually colored a picture.
In the lines.
Took his time.
Looked proud.
Showed it off around the house.

It was something!
I was/am proud.

We need to go to more museums!

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