Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sam Is Healed!!

You should know by now that Sam Johnson was recently snacked on by Riley.

It was a very bad day.

I tried to get him fixed but couldn't bring myself to pay $50 - $75 for a nose job on a $12 stuffed toy.

We talked to Paige about treatment options.

We rationalized with her about the cost and about exactly how many Sams we could buy with that money.

She agreed with us that it was not worth it.

I, instead, fashioned a tiny little eye patch to make him look better (and to make Paige laugh).

It worked for about five minutes.

She liked the patch ... as a temporary fix.
What she really wanted was a repair job.

We discussed sending Sam to the dry cleaner or a tailor to get a quick stitch.
She wasn't so sure she liked this plan.
She wanted a professional to do the work.

Sarah volunteered to do it.
She likes to sew -- she has stitched up holes in her own pants and has even made me an apron!
(I don't know where she learned this since I throw away pants with holes and missing buttons.)

Paige did not want Sarah's anxious but unqualified hands to touch her Sam.

Sarah wanted to prove herself.

Without telling us her plan, she found a wounded stuffed animal in our basement, took him to her room, repaired him beautifully, and presented him as proof that she was up to the challenge.

We were all impressed.

Supremely impressed.

So, we let her take Sam.

She left for a short while and returned with this:

A beautiful repair job!

She even gave him a little pink nose to replace that one that was eaten by Riley.
She even tied a red bow around his neck before giving him back.

I can't believe she did it ... but now our story has a happy ending.
Paige is happy to have a repaired Sam.
Sarah is happy that she got to do a good deed.
I'm happy that they are happy ... and for so much more.

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