Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paigie's Writer's Workshop

Paige brought home a small stack of stories that she wrote at school. Sort of a journal.

She is wonderful, my Paige.

Here is one of her "little moments" as she calls them..... (copied as she wrote it) .........

I love my famuly. I thingk tha re grat. Do you? I do. Thae re trific. Hae! I'm not don. Do not foll a slep! I love my famuly so you can't laf. No no no. Com back! Well, so long.

How funny is that??????

Here's a knock-knock joke:

Nock Nock.
Hos thar?
Jijr who?
Jijr Bred Man!

Here's one more:

For Chrismis I got a Sam Johsin. A brown oun. Wat (wait), I can tell more. Wat! So you do not wont a story? No I do not! Well, I can tell mor. Fin (fine).

I love that kid.

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