Sunday, May 17, 2009

Taikyoku Sandan

Nate had a karate tournament today.  I knew from our experience last year that he had to know how to do his kata all alone in front of the judges.  (Last year, he didn't know it and he ended up doing a dance for the judges.)  

This year, I wanted him to have a better experience because I think that, this year, he knows enough to feel embarrassed if he messes up.  Last year he was just pleased as punch to get a trophy.  

Anyway, he had class on Wednesday and he really didn't know how to do his kata on his own.  He needed help.  I wanted to help him -- but I don't know the moves!  So, I did what any rational mommy would do.   I went to YouTube.  You can find everything there (I learned to make Eggs Benedict on YouTube).  I found a bunch of clips of people doing his kata and I spent the morning teaching myself karate.  It worked!  I am now a blackbelt and will be opening my own dojo in July.

Nate and I worked on his moves a million times a day for the past three days and today he got to show them off.  He was a little bit shy about being in front of the crowd, but he did a really admirable job.  We were proud of him and how brave he was.  He was mostly happy to have a trophy and a sucker (that I still owe him).

If you want to see more karate tournament pictures you can 

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