Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Sad Horse Show

Sarah had another horse show last weekend.  She was all geared up to ride Sport and have a great time.  She had her eye on the gold ... but, instead, she got 4th place.  She was devastated.  So very sad.  

We tried to tell her that 4th is still good and as-long-as-you-had-fun-and-tried-your-best and blahbiddy blah.  She was not interested.  She wanted to know what she did wrong but no one could tell her.  She was sad.  Sad and mad.  

When we got home she was very quiet and then, finally, she asked me if she could just tell people that this was her first ribbon.  Poor girl.  

I still think she did a great job.

Sarah and her friend Sara -- before the show.

Paige ... ignoring the show.

Sarah on Sport.

Nate crossing his fingers ... hoping for a good result.

Fourth!  Even Nate felt sad.

Look at how sad she looked!  Breaks my heart.

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