Sunday, May 3, 2009

And YOU Said Gambling was Bad!

I took the girls to a Girl Scout mother/daughter dinner on Friday.  It had a groovy flower child theme and lots of pizza ... because, apparently, that's what hippies like to eat.

I remembered that there was a dance while I was sleeping on Thursday night.  We were very NOT prepared.  The kids needed hippie clothes and they also needed to make "SWAPS".  SWAPS are little crafts attached to safety pins that the kids trade (just like the pins at Disney but way less sophisticated).  So, I grabbed some beads and pins and we used the few minutes we had between breakfast and the bus to whip up some dandy SWAPS.  It worked just fine.  

After we finished the SWAPS, I stuck one kid on the bus, one left with a friend for school, and Paige stayed with me.  We went to Target and the party store and found everything we needed to pull off two perfect hippie outfits.  

We had a good time at the party.  The kids got to play and make lots of groovy crafts and I got to chat with my friends.  As an evening wrap-up, they had a raffle.  We bought five tickets and waited to see if they'd call our numbers.  After several wrong-numbers and two almost-in-tears girls, they called one of our tickets!  Oh, joy!  Oh, rapture!  Oh ... the sadness of having two girls wishing for a prize and only ONE ticket called.  Oh ... oh ... oh.  What to do?

Well, for us, 'what to do' was to just wait a minute and find out that we actually had TWO winning tickets!  Oh, joy!  Oh, rapture!  Oh, double happiness!  Oh, whew.

Sarah walked away with a new Webkinz and Paige walked away with a $25 gift certificate.  When we got home, they ran in to show Frank their loot and Sarah said, "And you told us that gambling is bad!  You were WRONG!"

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