Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sam Johnson

I know!  I know!  I haven't posted the rest of my holiday pictures.  I'm a slacker.  What else is new?  Be patient.  I'll do it sooner or later.  I also haven't sent out half of my Christmas cards!  They are written and in envelopes with names but no addresses.  They've been like this since the week of Paige's birthday.  I've been in something of a holding pattern ever since.  I'm thinking that I might still get them out.  Why not?

Anyway, this post is not about the holidays OR my slackerhood.  It's about Paige.  Crazy Paige.

Two things you might like to know:

1)  Paige loves her winter coat.  She almost never takes it off.  It's dirty.  The sleeves have paint and all kinds of stuff on them because she wears that coat like the rest of us wear a t-shirt.  I'm so used to it that sometimes we'll be home for a few hours before I realize she still has it on and then I have to beg her to take it off.  What can I say but 'thanks' to Hanna Andersson?

2)  I took Paige shopping for a gift for a party she's going to on Saturday.  Instead of a gift for her friend, she bought herself a nice fat cat.  She named him Sam Johnson.  She calls him "My fat tabby cat Sam Johnson" or sometimes she just calls him "Mr. Johnson."  I don't know why.  

Oh ... Mr. Johnson is also, apparently, gay.  Sarah asked if Sam Johnson has a girlfriend.  Paige said, "Nope.  He's a big fat tabby cat and he has a boyfriend.  Not a girlfriend."

That's my girl.

Paige, her coat, and Sam Johnson eating dinner
The End

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