Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He Won't Stop Talking to Me: The Reenactment

Last night -- in the middle of the night -- Nate came to our room sounding desperate.  He said, "Diego won't stop talking to me and it's making me crazy."  

I remember waking up so confused.  I looked down at Nate and he had his hands on his ears and was so sad.

Apparently, he was sleeping with a talking Diego (of Go! Diego, Go!) in his bed and it started talking in the middle of the night.  Non stop.  Nate couldn't take it.

I remember, also, that I felt bad for Nate and his situation.  I let him hop into bed with us and then went back to sleep.  In my sleepy state I decided I had to write about the chatty Diego doll in my blog.  I was sad that I wouldn't have a picture to show how sad my boy was ... holding his ears and looking upset (yes, this is the kind of stuff I think about in my sleep).  

I decided right then and there -- at 3AM -- that I would make Nate pose for a sad picture in the morning.  And this, my friends, is how we managed to find ourselves here ... looking at a posed picture of Nate looking super sad about the talking Diego doll.

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