Friday, August 29, 2008

Gustus from Jupiter

Here's my first story for you:

Nate loves the Planet Heroes (  He has almost all of the available guys.  ALMOST all.  He's missing a few.  One of his most desired guys is one called Gustus with Voice Comm.
We visit Gustus in the store.  Nate holds him as we wander the aisles but I always make him put him back.  Nate's birthday is coming and I'm trying to hold off on any purchases until then. It's tough on all of us.  Nate really really wants to own this guy.  

The other day I was drying my hair.  My door was closed.  I heard a little voice yell "Mail Call" and I saw a small flyer come sliding under my bathroom door. It was a Planet Hero advertisement.   Next, the door opened and Nate walked in.  He plopped down on the floor, opened up the flyer to reveal photos of the Voice Comm heroes and started talking in a high pitched voice.  He said, "Hi, I'm Gustus.  I'm lonely.  All of my friends live at Nate's house and I want to go live with them.  I want someone to come to Target and buy me and take me to Nate's house."

I almost threw a hat on my wet hair and drove to Target.  
The boy is sweet.

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