Friday, August 29, 2008

DePablo and the Peg Legged Horse

Sarah went to horseback riding camp for two weeks this summer.  There are probably about forty different horses at the stable so I didn't think anything of it when she started talking about a mean horse named DePablo.  I just assumed it was a horse I hadn't yet met.  However ... when she started talking about a peg legged horse I got curious.  And here goes the story of how I almost crashed my car on a deserted back-country dirt road.....

Sarah:  Mom, the guy that drives the tractor at the stable is very courageous.

Me: Really?  Why?

Sarah:  Because when he has to drive the tractor into the woods to dump the poop in the woods he has to be courageous because that's where DePablo and the peg legged horse are and they are MEAT EATING HORSES!

Me:  What are you talking about?  Who is DePablo and what kind of a horse has a peg leg?

Sarah:  Well, DePablo is a very mean horse that lives in the field behind the fence and he lives with the peg leg horse and they eat MEAT.  And when we clean out the stables that man takes the poop from the stables into the woods and dumps it there.

Me:  How do you know this?

Sarah: My counselor told me.

Me: Who cares if they eat meat?

Sarah:  They eat PEOPLE!

Me:  How do you know that?  Are you telling me that they are carnivorous horses?  Are you telling me that there's a courageous poop dumping tractor man and two carnivorous horses living at your camp?

Sarah:  (laughing) Yes!

Me:  I have to see this for myself.

Sarah:  Why?!

Me:  I just have to.  And why does the one horse have a peg leg?

Sarah: Because he was in a terrible accident with a tractor.  He actually used to be a nice horse, but he got his leg chopped off in a tractor accident and now he's mean and he has to live with DePablo in the woods.

Me:  I'm going to have to see them when I visit camp tomorrow.  I'm definitely going to bring my camera!

Sarah:  You can't see them.  There is a swamp!  You can't go back there.

Me:  There's a swamp too?!  I can't believe this!  There's a pair of angry carnivorous horses living in a SWAMP behind a fence behind your stables and one of them has a peg leg!  That's insane.  Sarah, this can not be true.

Sarah:  It's true!  How could someone make this up?  It's true!  My counselor told me!  You can ask her!  Also, I don't think that the peg leg horse is really mean.  I think that he's just the only one who can get along with DePablo.  I think that if DePablo ever tries to eat him he'll just reach up with that peg leg of his and whap him in the head (she acts this part out for me) to make him go away.

So ... at this point I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying and I just about crash my car.  Lucky for all of us I'm on a dirt road and there's no one around to see my shady driving.  

Needless to say, the next day Sarah made me talk to her counselor to verify her story.  Apparently, they've been telling the story of DePablo and the peg legged horse to campers for the past twenty years or so at the ole Rochester Hills Stables summer camps.  And now I'm telling it to you.  

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