Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We're Baaaack!

We spent the past two weeks vacationing --
with a final destination of
Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

The kids and I left on Tuesday and started our drive
to Maryland to visit Cheeky and her crew.

We stopped in Cleveland for a
quick visit with the Dan Gorman Clan.
It was a 4-hour visit.

After that, we drove to Pittsburgh with the sole goal of eating dinner at Vincent's Pizza! We even picked a hotel because of its close proximity to Vincent's.

On Wednesday, we drove to Maryland and played like crazy people at Cheeky's house.

We went swimming.

On Thursday, we rode the Metro to Washington DC.

We visited the Natural History Museum.

We bumped into a friend from back home!

We went to the Air & Space Museum.

We ate crabby food.

On Friday, we picked Mr. Frank up at the airport.

On Saturday, we drove the 8-hour drive to the ocean in less than ten hours. Ten Hours that included three car-sick kids, lots of movies, and lots of potty breaks.

We finally arrived at the marina -- with no time to spare.

We rode the boat.

Got to the island.
Took a tram to the house.

Instant Relaxation.
(...and a total loss of days and time.)

We love the beach!

You can see LOTS of pictures HERE.

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