Saturday, December 12, 2009


My ladies have very different ways of looking at the world. Different motivations. Different attitudes. This should not surprise anyone ... it's just a fact.

If they have to draw a picture, Sarah is all rainbows and unicorns. She draws happy people in happy places. Paige? Not exactly. She has been known to draw fiery airplanes falling from the sky and zombies and dead things. Not always but ... more than your average 1st grade girl.

Sarah's favorite color is baby blue. Paige? Black.

Sarah is competitive to the point that she'll cheat to win. She cries when she looses. She rarely displays any efforts of good sportsmanship. Paige will tank a game just to let me win. She loses, laughs, and tries again. I love playing games with Paige. Sarah ... let's just say that she is eight years old and we only recently agreed to start playing board games with her again.

Sarah desperately wants to be the queen bee and she tries very hard to accomplish this goal -- without as much success as she'd like. Paige could care less but, still, has a whole gang of friends who follow her around and do just about everything she says.

My whole story is leading up to this.......

The kids' school recently had a competition called "Refelections". For the Reflections program the kids had the opportunity to complete a project with the theme of "Beauty is...". They could draw a picture, write a song or poem, take a picture, or do a dance.

Sarah thought long and hard. She wrote a poem and eventually scraped it. Then she drew a picture (filled with rainbows and butterflies) and used it as her entry. Paige listened to me tell her the instructions, found a pile of old artwork, picked out something she drew weeks ago (a picture of a giant banana with a bunch of smiley faces all around it), handed it to me, and told me to enter it. She said that bananas are beautiful.

In the end, neither girl won for her entry but both received a ribbon for entering the contest. On the back of the ribbon there was space to fill in their names, the date, and the place they won. Standard ribbon stuff.

Paige read the back and asked me which place she won. I told her that I didn't know. I told her that they only gave out medals to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. I told her that everyone got a ribbon like hers.

Both girls asked for a pen.

On Paige's ribbon it now reads: Paige, 12/9/2009, LAST PLACE.
Sarah's ribbon? It reads: Sarah, 12/9/2009, FIRST PLACE

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Barbara Gorman said...

Becky-You should write a book! Your descriptions are terrific. Of course you have pretty amazing subject material. I thought my girls were different in so many ways, but your two win the prize. The story was so funny; I laughed at what Sarah and Paige wrote on their ribbons.
Paige is probably even downplaying the fact that she has a birthday tomorrow! Wish her Happy Birthday from us. My Sarah will celebrate hers also.
I tried to email you earlier, but it bounced. Can you send me the newest address?
Thanks, Barbara