Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sarah's New Bike

Sarah just learned how to ride a bike.  She was never interested in a 2-wheeled bike and, instead, has been zooming around town on a lo-rider.  

A few weekends ago, Frank decided that she needed to learn how to ride a 2-wheeler.  He took out her old 16" bike, adjusted the handlebars and seat, and she hopped on and just started riding like she's been doing it all along.  It was crazy.

That bike was very small.  She looked like she was part of a circus act.  We took her to several bike shops and were told by all that she needed a 24" bike.  A big difference from the little one she was riding.  So, for her birthday, we bought her a shiny new big-girl bike.  With gears and handbrakes. 

She loves to ride it.  She's really really fast.  

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