Thursday, October 30, 2008

Paigie's Dream Hair

For weeks Paige has been begging me for purple hair.  She wanted stripes and then just the ends ... but, mostly, she wanted purple hair.  

My guy, Mr. Steven, is used to our strange hair requests.  He's given Nate several mohawks and every time I go in there I let him color my hair however he wants.  This time, I called ahead and told him that Paige wanted purple hair.  He said he knew just what to do!  

When we showed up he had a bottle of sticky purple goodness that made my Paigie happy happy happy.  She could barely contain herself.  He hooked her up with the full foil-wrapped, heat-helmet treatment!  It's was a funny thing to see.  Paige was thrilled.  

Now, my lady has her purple hair.  

It's not permanent, but it should last for a while.  I have the bottle of goo here at home and something tells me we'll be experimenting with purple hair some more this weekend!

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